We farm 13 hectares spread over the iconic and prestigious Burgundian towns of:
  • Bourgogne Aligoté (0.74 hectares in the commune of Couchey)
  • Bourgogne-Côte d’Or (1.22 hectares in the commune of Couchey)
  • Marsannay (7.37 hectares in the communes of Couchey and Marsannay)
  • Fixin (3.04 hectares in the communes of Fixin and Brochon)
  • Gevrey-Chambertin (0.63 hectares)
The vineyard and grape varieties

The vines are managed in a traditional and sustainable manner: herbicides have been abandoned in favor of plowing throughout the entire estate.

The vineyard work, including bud removal, leaf thinning, trellising, and green harvesting, aligns with our commitment to sustainable farming, prioritizing environmental and terroir respect by minimizing the use of treatments.

A Tradition that Endures

Julien and Guillaume are two cousins who have inherited from their respective fathers the expertise and passion for vines, the land, and wine.

Transmitted by their own parents, this passion perpetuates itself within the family from generation to generation.


In 1982, Marcel served as the president of the St. Vincent Tournante in Couchey. Forty years later, this event took place once again within the village.


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